"We are developing a cutting edge product and TGL proved to be the best partner in this development, which happens in a speedy manner without compromising quality. The technical aspects of the project is handled well by the TGL technical team. It has been a pleasure dealing with TGL, and trusting them on a critical project turned out to be the right investment for FreshTick."

Hear City Names

Is there anything special about pronouncing city names? Yes. It is important to pronounce city names correctly as every culture has its own dialect. When you visit a foreign country, don't you like to pronounce their city names correctly. This application gives you a pronounciation guide that helps you to hear, practice and perfect your pronounciation on 100+ city names. It also makes you to feel and enjoy how they are differently pronounced by the locals.


This application features over 100+ city names with the proper audio pronounciation along with the phonetics.


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